Dairy Queen Buys Their Workers Treadmills

In an interesting turn of events, Dairy Queen is hoping to help with the obesity issue by helping their own employees

We admit, if we worked at a Dairy Queen we'd probably just eat Blizzards all the time. But corporate workers probably get all the Blizzards they want, and they don't get the exercise benefit of having to stand all day at the counter. So what's the solution?

Globe and Mail reports that the Dairy Queen headquarters in Minnesota recently bought treadmill workstations for employees, so everyone can walk on a a treadmill while typing away on their computers.

The treadmill workstation isn't new, but in the fast-food world, it's obviously ironic, considering a DQ small chocolate sundae contains 280 calories and 7 grams of fat. Megan Weisel, manager of the Dairy Queen wellness program, told AOL that she hopes the treadmills will be a "recruitment tool," perhaps showing potential hires that the company cares about their wellbeing, too. Watch the news video below with KARE 11, where employees are shown actually using the stations. "I feel like there's no interruption in the work that I'm doing, so there's really no reason not to do it," one employee said. 

Also on the docket for Dairy Queen? A space for yoga classes, showers and lockers, and healthier food options for their employees.