The Ultimate Food Lover's Gift Guide

What should you get your most beloved food lover? Here's the ultimate guide to 12 great gifts

The Ultimate Food Lover's Gift Guide

Have a family member or friend who is always talking about restaurant exploits, food fantasy meals, or the next amazing dishes and culinary experiences they're seeking out? Looking to really make a statement with a food-related gift this year? Maybe you're not as food-obsessed and you're unsure exactly what to give or perhaps you're just as much of a food lover, but you're drawing a blank. Never fear.

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Whatever holiday you're gifting for, whoever you're gifting to, there's an ultimate culinary experience, food-related gift, or amazing restaurant escapade. Part of giving a great food-related gift is obviously knowing your giftee's tastes.

Are they more inclined to get a kick out of something they can use all year, such as great artisanal products they can keep in the pantry? Perhaps they'd be better served with a special treat they might not have gotten for themselves, but that they can eat and enjoy all at once. Or maybe you're the kind of person that likes to give gifts that keep giving all year, something that arrives once a month. Is the person you're buying the gift for more inclined toward experiences, someone who'd prefer the gift of a special event? Or dinner somewhere they can't afford and wouldn't have splurged on, but you know they'd really like to go?

From caviar to culatello and from food festivals to dinner at one of America's most exciting restaurants, these are the ultimate gifts. And while some aren't exactly cheap, there are enough less expensive alternatives to feed your loved ones' hunger for eating big. Check out the slideshow for The Ultimate Food Lover's Gift Guide.