The Daily Meal’s Chef Madness Challenge: The Final Reveal!

Check out this incredible illustration

Chef Madness

When we launched our Chef Madness Challenge a couple of weeks ago, we had no idea what an amazing turnout we would see. Each round garnered thousands of votes, whittling down eight chefs, game time-friendly dishes, cocktails, and beers until only one of each remained.

In the end, Michael Symon beat out Geoffrey Zakarian by a wide margin, and sliders, margaritas, and Guinness also proved to be dominant in their fields.

But it couldn’t just end there.

Behold: the graphic illustration of the Chef Madness Challenge, as painted by artist Michael Marsicano.

In this illustration, the four winners face off against the four runners-up. Our winning chef, Michael Symon, goes in to dunk our winning dish, a slider, carrying our winning cocktail and beer, margarita and Guinness. Below him is our runner-up, chef Geoffrey Zakarian, trying and failing to dunk a Buffalo wing, as our second-place cocktail and beer, White Russians and Miller High Life, fall from his grasp. In a word: awesome. 

So congratulations again, chef Symon, for winning the challenge, and thanks to Marsicano for such a masterpiece!

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You can order a print for yourself (you know you want to) here; also be sure to follow Marsicano on Twitter @mmillo.