Creating New England Dishes Infused with French and Japanese Flair

The Daily Meal Cook editor joins the chefs of the luxurious resort to whip up more seasonal and exclusive specialties

The Daily Meal and the chefs at InterContinental Hotel Boston will share some exclusive recipes with you.

Early last month, I joined InterContinental Hotels’ Kitchen Passport Program at their Buckhead location to create three all-new, seasonally inspired recipes with Chef Art Smith of their flagship restaurant Southern Art. This month, I’ll be joining them again up north at their Boston location to cook with their executive chef Didier Montarou of their three exclusive restaurants Miele, Sushi-Teq, and Rumba.

While the focus was straightforward down in Atlanta, it’s a whole new ballgame in Boston. Instead of one clear cut theme to work with, such as Southern food, InterContinental’s Boston location features three exciting restaurant concepts: sushi restaurant, a French brasserie, and a rum bar. For our recipes, chef Didier and I plan on executing dishes that represent not just one of the restaurants from the hotel, but all three. While doing that, we’ll infuse a hint of New England and seasonal specialties into each dish, crafting them to perfection so that they’re all new and exclusive for you.

All along the way I’ll be there translating chef Didier’s impressive work into a recipe that is approachable and easy for you to make at home, so you can take a taste of InterContinental’s elegance and sophistication home with you with their cookbook iPad app.

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Anne Dolce is the Cook Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @anniecdolce