Daily Digestive: Brian Boitano

Learn about the day in the food life of an Olympian
Olympic Gold Medalist Brian Boitano on Eating as an Olympian

Brian Boitano won Olympic Gold in Men's Figure Skating in 1988. Here, he offers some insight into what it's like to eat like an Olympian, both while training and at the games.

Brian Boitano shares his food diary with us!

Brian’s Food Log

7:45-8:55am - Answer emails, read the newspaper, update Facebook and tweet while consuming a huge coffee with half and half and sugar.

9:00-9:15am – Magazine interview on the phone.

9:20 am – Make an organic smoothie that includes flaxseed, chia, half a cup of vanilla coconut milk, tangerine juice, half an apple, handful of blueberries, tablespoon of honey, one floret of broccoli and one of cauliflower, and ice cubes. Jump in car and head to rink.

9:30 am – While driving, talk to HGTV executive about publicity and call two other friends to catch up.

9:45 am - Arrive at rink and warm up off ice.

10:00-11:35 am - Skating workout. I drink water with electrolytes.

11:45am-12:00 pm - Cool down.

12:00 pm - Drive home. I have a post workout drink, talk on phone with manager and touch base with the chef/caterer, about prepping an event at my house. Also, do an interview about my new Cooking channel special from Italy.

12:15 pm - Mail some items for a charity auction.

12:30 pm – Eat tuna salad with chopped roasted Brussels sprouts on top dressed lightly with canola mayo based dressing and served on a slice of wheat toast.

1:00-1:45 pm- Prep some food with chef/caterer for the evening set up. Mixology station for guests. Straighten up house and set the table.

2:00-4:00 pm - Sign cookbooks at the opening of the Vom Fass store in Ghirardelli Square. Grab some Danish smoked salt for rimming cocktails later.

4:15 pm - Eat two pieces of dark chocolate from Ghirardelli Square.

4:30 pm - Head home and on the way check in with chef/caterer for last minute ingredients. Call event coordinator from Williams Sonoma about simple syrups for an event next week.

5:00-5:30 pm - Arrive home. Eat a handful of peanuts and three slices of dried mango and drink a large glass of water while I tweet, check emails, and Facebook...

5:30 pm - Final meeting before the party with the staff.

5:40-6:30 pm- Creating a playlist for the evening, getting ready, and straightening up the house again….yes, I do! Oh, and light candles around the house.

6:30-10:00 pm - Charity dinner for 10 at the house to benefit my Youth Skate program. The menu is from my cookbook recipes and it includes pork tenderloin with warm plum salsa, arugula and nectarine salad with pepperoncini vinaigrette, a side of new red potatoes, wine, water and a dessert trifle made with macerated strawberries layered with vanilla yogurt/ice cream mix and crumbled lemon cookies.

10:15pm- Guests trickle home.


10:30 pm- Drink some Smoky scotch with a single ice cube as a nightcap before I go to bed...final email and phone check...lights out!