The Daily Byte: Grand Openings for Two Delayed Eateries

Red Rooster and Grahamwich make their debuts.


What were the chances? This week we're seeing the openings (finally) of two hotly anticipated restaurants. Marcus Samuelsson’s elevated comfort food spot, Red Rooster, opens today in Harlem, following Graham Elliot Bowles’ debut of his Windy City sandwich shop, Grahamwich on Wednesday.

Both restaurants met serious delays throughout the Fall, which gave way to a slew of coverage about when, if ever, either dining room would see the light of day. Grahamwich even made it onto our list of 15 Exciting Fall Restaurant Openings.

On a related note, Samuelsson’s last major restaurant opening in Chicago was C-House in 2008. The restaurant, which is located just a half-mile down the street from Grahamwich, started out slow, serving only breakfast for a few months before fully opening.

Only time will tell whether either restaurant will live up to the hype. If recent ballyhooed letdowns like Lotus of Siam and Lincoln are any harbinger, things may not be pretty. If you're unable to race up to Red Rooster, check out a recent demo with Chef Samuelsson in Barbados where he talks about the restaurant.