Cynara's World of Artichokes -- A Tender Heart to Warm Every Holiday Occasion

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Cynara's World of Artichokes -- A Tender Heart to Warm Every Holiday Occasion

In a world of tender hearts, variety matters. (PRNewsFoto/Cynara)

SEATTLE, Nov. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Holiday entertaining is always easy, festive, and heartfelt when Cynara artichoke hearts are on hand. Home chefs breathe a sigh of relief serving them straight from the jar, and artichoke dishes become culinary masterpieces in a snap simply by using these magnificent new varieties of hearts.

With six varieties to choose from, Cynara hearts come in unusual sizes and preparations to fulfill a gamut of culinary needs. All are known for exceptional tenderness, yet, in cooking, they don't fall apart. When served as an appetizer or included in a dish, these hearts exceed the expectations of discerning nibblers and skilled chefs. They are sure to please and inspire.

In dips or sauces, the rich, smoky flavor of Cynara Grilled Artichokes transports the ordinary into the realm of the festive and unforgettable. They make outstanding hors d'oeuvres, and as a side dish they shine brightly in an elegant meal.

While marinated artichoke hearts have long been used on special occasions for antipasto or Mediterranean mezze platters, Cynara's version offers a fresh twist to give eaters a delightful surprise. With a delicious signature blend of spices and the perfect balance of zing and oil, these artichokes are nuanced on the palate and they perform well in recipes, adding brightness that doesn't overwhelm the artichoke's flavor in the way of traditional marinades.

Cynara's Baby, Floret, and Petite Hearts, all water packed, are whole and tender all the way down to the tooth. On their own, as appetizers, their texture and flavor make for an unprecedented whole-heart experience. For recipes such as dips and sauces, or vegetable medleys, pizza toppings, salads, stews, and stirfries, chefs can choose a size based on whether a fuller or a smaller bite is desired. 

Stock your pantry with Cynara Artichoke Hearts when you shop at Sprouts and Central Market, and find heart-inspired recipes for warm, heartfelt holiday celebrations at or shop online at Great food with Cynara artichokes is the perfect crowd-pleasing flourish to the season.

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