The Cyclone

Theme Park, Historic Site
834 Surf Ave (Coney Island)
Brooklyn, NY 11224
(718) 265-2100



  • The first rides of the historic roller coaster began on June 26, 1927. Over 80 years later, the Cyclone is still thrilling thousands of riders each year.
  • The Cyclone was originally built in 1927. The coaster uses a chain to pull the train to the top of the 1st plunge, it then runs on its own momentum reaching up to 68 mph through 9 drops and 6 curves.
  • For some reason I tend to be more photogenic on rollercoasters.
  • Here's a great tip in the off-season - come by Coney Island on a very foggy or snowy day, and have a private photo-shoot with your favorite coaster!
  • An iconic NYC landmark, this Coney Island coaster was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991, so youre riding a piece of history! Roll on over to for more.
  • ride & scream and go on it again (there's a discount the second time)
  • This American Legend it's a city landmark and a National Historic Landmark taking you to its highest point at 85ft and then dipping into gut-wrenching plunges! You'll love this wooden roller-coaster!
  • Keep your hands up and smile for the camera!
  • Riding in the front car affords riders the best view, while sitting in the rear gives the feeling of greater speed.
  • ALWAYS sit in the front & put your hands up on the 1st drop.Best. Rollercoaster. EVER.
  • Truly, one of the best, and still scariest roller coasters EVER! Sit in the back for the wildest whiplash! Discounts for staying on for a second, or third ride.
  • Be ready with your most ridiculous face: the camera is at the bottom of the first drop.
  • Truely the greatest roller coaster of all time
  • Sit in the Front Car!!!
  • Wooden coaster's are the best!!!
  • If you don't have a good neck and back do nt ride the cyclone :)
  • A must-do for all New Yorkers. If at all positive, though, avoid the back cars... genuinely painful and rocky.
  • Does not accept Metrocard.
  • Never again... it looks like its gonna break... your back! lol
  • Your head will hurt!!

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