St. Michael,


  • All in one - fish, egg, and cheese was a magical combination! Who knew!?! Best fish sandwiches on the Island!
  • Best fare on the island if you want a cheap and delicious lunch. It's a food truck, but get the fish sandwich with egg and cheese, some mayo and some red hot sauce. You won't be disappointed!
  • Try the fish cutter with egg and cheese, sounds weird but its delicious!
  • Awesome sandwich, super fresh and unbelievably tasty. Make sure you add a dollop of bajan hot sauce!
  • You dont need to choose - best fish burger with best spicy sauce are waiting for you only for US$5.
  • Fish sandwich, no cheese, and add the sauce from the yellow bottle. Then enjoy it and turn around and ask for a second one. The best $5 sandwich Ive ever had.
  • YES. Wow. The fish sandwich (fish cutter) (with/without cheese) was our best meal in Barbados. We got seconds. Locals recommend, tourist recommend, quick, inexpensive, way better than any resort food
  • Best fish sandwich I've ever had. Simple and elegant.
  • The fish sandwich!
  • Fish and cheese cutter with Bajan pepper sauce.
  • one of the best fish sandwiches i had while on the island. the fish & cheese is so gooooood. $9/sandwich- get at least 2.
  • Get there good and early for lunch and you won't be disappointed.
  • Great local experience! Excellent tasting fish cutter. Get it with egg and cheese when available.
  • Amazing Fish sandwiches
  • Fish egg sandwich is the bomb and really reasonable.
  • Possibly the best fish burger of the globe!!
  • I never thought I'd ever try flying fish an cheese until one of my friends insisted I tried t from here; it was great! Amazing fish sandwhiches!
  • The fish sandwich is amazing
  • Possibly the best Fish burger in the World
  • Tasty Cutters and the best pepper-sauce on the island!

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