Customize Your Party Décor with Temporary Tattoos

Staff Writer
These childhood party staples are for more than your skin
Temporary tattoos are not just for skin anymore!

Add fun characters to your party pieces!

We’ve all played around with temporary tattoos, slapping them on our arms (or occasionally, faces) at a friend’s birthday party. Yet they may actually play a useful role in adulthood, in your arsenal of party décor. The next time you’re picking up party décor customized to your ideal theme, grab a few party tattoos, or order some from the thousands of options available at Tattly, and stick them on your cups, plates, and bowls to add a final personal touch to your party.

Throwing a Disney-themed party for your kid’s birthday? Place a different character on each child’s party cup. Throwing a summer ice cream social? Coat your waffle cone wrappers in ice cream-themed stickers, adding flare and charm with hardly any effort (or money). Using temporary tattoos as decorations will allow you to save money (an average set of 20 tattoos is only about $5) and time searching through countless party stores for the perfect sticker. So the next time you’re organizing your party, stop by Tattly and add some personal touches that your guests will love.