The Currach Bistro and Pizza

787 Adams St
Boston, MA 02124
(617) 929-1880


  • Buffalo chicken pizza. Do it. Live forever.
  • Get the Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Fantastic.
  • It's because they suck and no one likes to go in there. DO NOT GO TO THE CURRACH!
  • So.. I was talking to my little sister yesterday. She tells me that the other day when she was ordering food she had to go to the Currach because it was the only place in Adams Village that wasnt busy
  • Don't go to the Currach! It sucks.
  • The currach sucks!
  • Ohhh yeah... Isabella is in the Currach!
  • Go to the currach! The food is awesome. Ask for Jeff.
  • Jeff sucks!
  • Go talk to jeff! He's Hott.