Cures of a Super Bowl “Hungrover”


We all know the two acceptable instances where calories don’t count: One being birthdays, two being the holidays. The Super Bowl is basically considered a national holiday, leading us to celebrate no other way than drinking lots of alcohol in addition to eating a plethora of food. We know the football feast is inevitable and the celebration leaves us filled until next football season. We’ve caught ourselves questioning the day after, “Did I really need that twelfth buffalo wing?” You probably didn’t, but what the hell; you were celebrating a holiday right? Before you start giving into post-Super Bowl food trauma, take those Monday blues (and leftover chili) and throw them out the window. Here’s how to make the Monday after a little less dreadful than usual.

1. Eat

You’re probably thinking how could I possibly eat more? Well, you can! It’s more likely that you will crave more dangerously unhealthy foods if you deprive yourself of food for the whole day. Nobody wants to find themselves arms deep in a bag of leftover baked lays.Instead of waiting for the day to pass and the fullness to go away, turn to the alternative choice. Consuming foods high in protein and natural fibers will help push away those full feelings. It won’t only satisfy you, but will also help your brain make healthy choices for the rest of the week, bringing your body back to normal.

2. Drink Water

Starting right when you wake up, drink 8-10 glasses throughout the day. Yes, It will be annoying to keep running to the bathroom every 5 seconds, but it really does help. After your binging intake of fatty foods high in salt, not only are you dehydrated, but you are retaining water. Hydrating yourself with water will balance your body’s natural water levels, making you feel back to normal. In addition, water can help control your calories. By choosing water instead of gulping down that last bottle of coke,  you can cut out a portion of non-nutritional calories. We all know after Sunday our body won’t need anymore of those unnecessary calories for awhile!

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