Cuisine Szechuan

2350 rue Guy (Sherbrooke west)
Montréal, QC H3H 2M2
(514) 933-5041


  • I always go for their deep fried chicken with spicy cumin seed sauce and teir hot and sour chinese cabbage woth szechuan peppercorns and chilis --- AMAZING!
  • 25, 29, 41, 52, 62, 72 (crunch), 98, 124. + beer. Then sleep.
  • Green beans with pork, Fish Szechuan broth with tofu (or bean sprouts)
  • Delicious, spicy food. For the vegetables menu, some have ground pork, but they can make it vegetarian. Friendly staff.
  • Great eggplant, beef, and food in general, but green tea is just generic tea bags.
  • Derek Dammann, chef of Maison Publique, eats here on his nights off. He loves the Cumin beef.
  • The twice cooked pork belly is absolutely gorgeous.
  • Great authentic food and very cheap! Be ready to order ASAP because if you ask for more time you'll wait a lot longer. Try #75 it's delicious!
  • Order the large bottle of sake compliments the food and comes in a champagne bucket of hot water.
  • De mon exprience la meilleure cuisine sichouanaise que j'aie mang Montral.
  • The best vegetarian dish is the four delights vegetable dish with tofu, green beans, eggplant and potatoes in chili sauce.
  • Try the pork twice cooked.
  • The food is very good. Pepper beef was spicy and good. Shared a table with 3 fun guys and had a great dinner. Definitely going back there again
  • Vegetarian option: try the stir fried green beans (without pork) as a side dish. My absolute favorite.
  • Great vegetarian options