The Crusader Citadel (Citadel of Acre)

Historic Site


  • More than 2000 years old, Akko was the site of Crusaders fortresses in the middle ages. Alongside the historic remains, you can find a lively market with exotic spices and traditional Arabic foods.
  • Splendif view
  • Est muy bien montado el tour dentro. Toda la historia de Las Cruzadas y las diferentes pocas de ocupacin de Akko.
  • Fascinating. But the audio guide is quite Un sync.
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  • This excavation began in 1921. Its quite an impressive underground site representing millennia of control by various ruling parties and the very origins of the notion of hospitals.
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  • Intresting place. They should give a map and add numbers to audioguide spots.
  • Crusaders Citadel, take the 38 Schekel entry. They have a free audio guide. This is top ranking in the best audio tours I ever had and with one of the best explained tourist sights
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  • Un lugar fantstico dentro de la legendaria ciudad de Akko, hay que tomar la visita guiada para entender el contexto y las diversas ocupaciones de esta fortaleza, un lugar lleno de historia.