Crumbs Releasing Girl Scout Thin Mint Cupcakes

It's basically a mint chocolate cupcake, but it's Thin Mint-flavored, which is even better

Just in time for National Girl Scout Cookie Day (it's a thing!), Crumbs is releasing a Thin Mints cupcake through Feb. 22.

The devil's food cake cupcake is filled with chocolate fudge and topped with a mint cream cheese frosting, the press release says. Decorations include chocolate cake crumbs plus a whole Thin Mint cookie, which isn't a bad deal. So if buying five boxes of Thin Mints isn't enough for you, the cupcakes will be sold at all 64 Crumbs Bake Shops, as well as online.

"We are so excited to collaborate with the Girl Scouts and celebrate National Girl Scout Cookie Day," Julian R. Geiger, president and CEO of Crumbs Bake Shop, said in a press release. "Girl Scouts of the USA and the Girl Scout Cookie Program represent what we at Crumbs also believe — that by empowering girls you can inspire them to do great things."


We really need a Ben & Jerry's collaboration in the near future. Oh wait, Thin Mints ice cream already happened.