CrossFit Strikes Blow Against Big Soda's Influence; Helps Defeat Soda-Backed Congressional Candidate Isadore Hall III

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CrossFit Congratulates Nanette Barragán on her Electoral Victory and Vows to Root Out Big Soda Apologists

CrossFit Congratulates Nanette Barragán on her Electoral Victory and Vows to Root Out Big Soda Apologists

WASHINGTON, Nov. 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- CrossFit Chairman and Founder Greg Glassman congratulated Nanette Barragán today on her victory in the race for California's 44th congressional district. Glassman, who has made it his mission to drive Big Soda out of the health sciences and health policy, announced his support for Barragán in June.

"Nanette is exactly the kind of representative the 44th district needs," Glassman said. "She brings a lot to the table – she's bold, fearless, and eager to stand up for what's right. I know that she'll take on Big Soda's corruption."

Last November, Glassman launched the "California Invasion" tour throughout the state to spread awareness of the soda industry's infiltration of the health sciences and to promote California Senate Bill 203, which would have mandated warning labels for sugar-sweetened beverages. The bill fell one vote shy of passage in the Senate Committee on Health thanks to Senator Isadore Hall's (D-Compton) abstention.

"Sen. Hall picked his allies early – he chose to ally with Big Soda, an industry that's causing chronic disease and making people sick," Glassman said. "Hall received thousands of dollars in political contributions from Big Soda over the course of his career, so it's no surprise that he chose to abstain and abandon the people of California. But he should've known back then that he'd have to face the music. I think he heard it loud and clear on election night."

In June, Glassman held rallies at CrossFit affiliates in the 44th district to gin up support for anti-soda initiatives and educate attendees on why CrossFit is fighting to eliminate Big Soda's corruptive influence on the sports and health sciences.

"Nanette's victory is a victory for us and for everyone who thinks Big Soda should stay out of the health sciences and out of government. Big Soda and its lackeys in government need to know that we won't tolerate Big Soda's corruption and we won't tolerate the epidemic it's causing. And to Big Soda's collaborators: we're coming for you."

Since founding CrossFit, the largest gym chain in the world, Glassman has focused his efforts on chronic disease prevention. Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, including soda, is known to increase the likelihood of acquiring type 2 diabetes. An astounding 29 million people nationwide have diabetes, including one in every seven adults in California.

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