Credit Suisse

Office, Coworking Space, Business Services
11 Madison Ave (at E 24th St.)
New York, NY 10010
(212) 325-2000


  • The renovations that took place in this building didn't come cheap. The company spent $300 million in 1994 - the equivalent to spending $43 per person in Switzerland at that time.
  • Get a drink at Dvida (by the Madison Ave entrance) on your way to the elevators. Better than the staff restaurant smoothies and a great energy boost (ie. hangover cure).
  • $5 lunch with small soda at the grill station. Grab and go. No waiting.
  • Big Swiss bank and the fixture in the union square area. The build is iconic
  • The elevators really suck here
  • Guest WiFi ranges: 3.75 Megabytes/s download and 6 Megabytes/s upload.
  • Overpriced food and its not even that tasty!
  • Chicken soup is way better at outakes. Starbucks coffee tastes like poo. The espresso is way too strong.
  • Chicken soup at outakes is better than chicken soup in cafeteria :p
  • Anything w/chicken here is drier than the desert. In fact, most everything is over-cooked. The only "values" to be had are at the grill or omelet stations for breakfast. Def. go outside CS for lunch.
  • Gets very busy right after work ... go figure!
  • no body check in at work?
  • Work
  • Open to employees, consultants and service staff. Super convenient, nice staff, clean facility

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