5 Smart Tips From Savvy Wedding Guests

What you need to know to make the big day fun for those attending

(I think I need to preface this post by saying I am not anti-bride. I am just pro-guest. Enjoy.)

Brides do not care about you.

Ever. Nor should they.

They are planning their future lives and memories, not yours.

So what if we listen to music that makes our ears bleed on their wedding day? Or if we are forced to laugh politely at the drunk uncle who hands out his business cards for free lube jobs (or the great-aunt whose toast is all too long)?

Weddings were made for copious amounts of cutlery and confusing wineglasses. Except… 

None of that matters. Because in the end, wedding days are magical. And beautiful and inspirational. Brides and grooms (and their wedding planners!) allow us a chance to celebrate their new partnership together, and I have yet to leave a wedding without feeling joyous and giggly.

Giddiness does not come cheap though, and not just for the bride and groom.

As a guest, the expenses can add up quickly and steeply: travel, hotel, dress, hair, shower gift, engagement gift, bachelor gift, wedding gift, etc. And yes, it is all worth it. But sometimes these expenses can prevent us from enjoying the day to the fullest. (Photo courtesy of Babble.com)

Thankfully, Cynthia Martyn, creative director of Cynthia Martyn Events Inc. has offered up some savvy ways to enjoy the day. — marcioconnor

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