Create the Perfect Party Theme with Mark Addison

The entertaining expert creates a stellar mystery theme that starts the party
Francesca Borgognone

Create a party theme your guests will love and enjoy!

Take it from us — you don’t need a reason to party. You don’t have to be celebrating a birthday or a special occasion to gather your friends and family at your home to have a good time.

But occasion or not, it’s nice to try out something new when hosting. We encourage you to find new and exciting themes or even create your own, and something we highly suggest is creating a secret theme.

What are we talking about? Recently, we had the pleasure of being invited to an event about how to entertain like a pro hosted by entertaining expert and event designer extraordinaire Mark Addison, the creator of EVENTSTYLE. Addison set the scene by creating an ice-breaker where guests chose recipes from four stacks of cards — one for cocktails, one for sweets, one for food, and one for décor. Each team chose one card from the four stacks and found the matching ingredients that were provided by the host. When put together, all of the items created a party theme — brilliant, right? 

Whoever guessed the party theme correctly wins a prize. It’s a great way to get guests mingling if they’re not all in the same social circle, and also to help you — the host — in the kitchen!

Take a cue from Addison with these recipes to create the theme that he prepared for us — Fairytales — or create your own!


This idea is a must-try with your pals. Start a series where you do it once a month and rotate at each other’s houses to keep things fun and exciting.