Craziest Celebrity Dinner Requests and More News

In today's Media Mix, a Starbucks uses bathroom water for coffee, plus the Velvet Underground settles banana lawsuit

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Hong Kong's 'Toilet' Water: Hong Kong Starbucks customers are freaking out because apparently, a Central branch was using water from the men's bathroom faucet to brew coffee for the past two years. Ick. [Kotaku]

'Hannibal' Renewed: The José Andrés-influenced creepy food cannibalism show has been renewed for season two. [Eater]

Warhol's Banana Controversy: The Velvet Underground vs. Andy Warhol Foundation drama will never end over the iconic banana painting; this time, the foundation used the banana for iPhone cases and covers. [NYDN]

Craziest Diner Requests: Los Angeles maître d's share their ridiculous stories of celebrity requests, including one person who wanted to seat a tiger at the dinner table. [Huff Po]


Smoking Alcohol Gets Big: Experts are warning against the new trend of smoking alcohol, which can cause alcohol poisoning more readily than drinking. [NYDN]