Crack Is Wack Playground

Playground, Street Art
E 127th St & 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10035
(212) 639-9675


  • The cartoonlike figures, bold letters and vibrating lines in this large mural are characteristic of Harings punk graffiti aesthetic.
  • Crack is wack mural painted in 86 by 'eith as a response to the crack epidemic. The same night Keith painted this mural he was arrested for smoking a joint.
  • go here to see the "crack is wack" double sided mural painted by the famous artist Keith Haring, a very neat piece of street art in NYC
  • Restored by the late artists estate in 2007, Keith Haring painted this orange and black mural on the opposite side of a handball court wall in 1986 as a reaction to the raging crack-cocaine epidemic
  • Executed by Keith Karing in 1988 without City permission, the mural received protection and is still standing today. It's probably the best example of his social commentary available in NYC.
  • One of my favorite public art pieces in NY. A worthwhile stop on any NY visit.
  • Can't believe this is the real name for this place. Must've been named in the 80's. Nowadays it would be the Smack is Wack playground.
  • Great public art piece
  • Potentially NYC's most famous mural, Keith Haring's 1986 piece frames a handball court at 128th Street and 2nd Avenue, serving as a permanent reminder of a crack epidemic.
  • Not a soul in's raining!
  • this is the Best Place if u wanna get better at Basketball
  • This playground is best known for the Crack is Wack murals.

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