Of Course There's a Juice ATM in Los Angeles

Now, on top of a cupcake ATM and a caviar ATM, there's a juice ATM for your late-night juice needs

The new juice ATM at Kraetion Juicery.

Los Angeles is home to some of the craziest vending machines — and that includes a Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM and a caviar ATM — so it would only make sense that the city adds a 24-7 juice ATM. 

Eater shares Kreation Juicery's newest invention at the new Beverly Hills location, where you can get cold-pressed juices (like the lineup of green juices, coconut juices, pomegranate juices, and even a master cleanse) on the go whenever you want. (Or, presumably to fight the coming hangover of drinking past 2 a.m.). Eater also notes that Kreation is taking over the Westside, with four brick-and-mortor lcoations, a juice truck, two juice "kars" (so many K's), and a juice bike. So really, you can have cold-pressed juice from any sort of mode of transport — and at least it's healthier than eating a cupcake or caviar from a machine. Of course, LA is home to plenty of other normal business hour juice bars, but why do that when you can get it from a machine? Sorry non-Los Angeles residents — for now, people in every other city across the country will just have to settle for making their own juice at home.