Of Course Farmer Brothers Parody 'Gangnam Style'

Following up 'Farm It Maybe' and 'I'm Farming and I Grow It,' this latest parody has gone viral

"Gangnam Style" has gone viral and become overdone, but we haven't really seen any amazing parodies yet, perhaps because the dance moves are so difficult to replicate.

While this parody, from the Peterson Farm Brothers, doesn't quite live up to Psy's legendary dance moves, the brothers make up for it in enthusiasm. They reworded the entire song to sell their farming lifestyle, somewhat awkwardly, with lyrics like "Hay, hay, hay, hay / Is what we feed our cattle / So they grow big and strong / And then become the food that keeps us living nice and long." But we get it; rewording an entire song is difficult. And the "Gangnam Style" original song is pretty annoying. So you have to give the brothers some credit; they do try hard to get the dance down (although they need to work on their swagger).

Watch the full video below, and decide which farming parody is your favorite. Personally, we're still a fan of "Farm It Maybe."