Couple Getting Married at a U.K. McDonald’s

Two fast food fans will tie the knot at their local McDonald’s in Bristol

A young U.K. couple will reportedly be holding their wedding reception at McDonald’s, their favorite fast food restaurant, according to The Daily Mail. Emily Marshall and Steven Asher, the bride and groom, invited forty guests to celebrate their marriage at a local McDonald’s in Cribbs Causeway, Bristol.

After they officially marry at the Bristol Register Office on July 27th, they will ride in a stretch limo to the fast food joint. Emily will be eating chicken nuggets while Steven will have a “Legend’s Meal” of chicken sandwich and fries. The idea of holding a wedding at McDonald’s was Emily’s mother’s idea, and the couple thought that it would be a different way to celebrate their marriage.

Even though people have questioned their choice of venue, Steven was unfazed. “'It's Emily's favorite - if we ever go out for lunch I always ask her where she wants to go and she always says McDonald's,” he said. “Even when I say to her that it [the wedding reception] can be somewhere posh, she still picks McDonald's.”

This is not the first time a couple had a wedding at a McDonalds. In 2006, Ohioans Trisha Lynn Esteppe and Tyree Henderson exchanged vows at a McDonald’s restaurant where they first met, according to The Post. There have also been wedding celebrations at White Castle, Taco Bell, and KFC, Christian Science Monitor reported.


Despite raised eyebrows, it looks like fast food wedding celebrations aren’t that unusual after all.