Couple Gets Hitched At IKEA

Want Swedish meatballs at your wedding? Get hitched at IKEA then, like Julie "Bunny" Rodgers and Willie Pittman did.

ABC News reports that the couple, who had their first date at IKEA two years ago, got married in Maryland's College Park IKEA on Tuesday. The best part: IKEA donated the venue, décor, and the food for the festivities.(Talk about economical!) And yes, the wedding of 25 guests dined on the furniture store's signature dish: Swedish meatballs.

The couple was ecstatic with the IKEA wedding; Rodgers told ABC / WLJA, "Ikea did just a beautiful job of everything that they provided for us and I'm just speechless and I'm very seldom speechless."

As happy as the store was to provide the wedding, IKEA's Sharon Park told WTOP that it wouldn't turn into a regular occurence. She said, "We'll entertain them all, but we'll see where it goes from here. We're not really in the wedding business."

Surprised? We've seen weirder — the White Castle wedding and the Starbucks wedding combined a love of fast food with, well, love. We can't wait to see what fast-food joint will be next.