The Country's Best Hangover Cures

Hangovers cures are like hiccup cures— everyone has a theory about what works best. If you read the online, ah-hem, literature about what constitutes the best hangover cures you find all kinds of baloney:

Eat bananas... Peanut butter! No, prickly pear juice! Coconut water! Drink coffee... Don't drink coffee! If you do drink coffee, drink a lot of water! Eat fried foods! But only before, not after.

Have a little hair of the dog. Try a Prairie Oyster... Stop, drinking again is the worst thing to do— it causes alcohol dependency. Eat burned toast... No, drink sports drinks!

Take Advil... Don't take Advil! It will explode your liver. Take aspirin. B-6. B-12. Rosiglitazone... No, Berocca.

Hey, I heard that American Indians claim that eating six raw almonds before imbibing helps prevent intoxication. Really? My friend said that eating peanut butter beforehand is an African remedy... Exercise. Sex.

Sleep... No, don't sleep!

Shhh. Don't scream — makes it worse. Some of these 'cures' sounds like torture. Exercise? Burned toast? Not sure about the last time you went on a bender, but likely you weren't planning enough to eat almonds, or have Rosiglitazone. Recovery is about water, and what works for you.

For many, food is the best cure— something to make you feel better, placebo or not. There are boring ones— juices, egg platters— but intriguing ones too.

Given that the last thing you want to do hungover is read gobs of text, read on to see the list of best hair-of-the-dog dishes.

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