Cornelia Guest Shares Her Hosting Tips

Entertaining pro Cornelia Guest talks summer hosting and more tips

Taking after her mother, classic fashion icon and lifestyle expert C.Z. Guest, Cornelia Guest is doing a fine job of keeping the Guest name alive and kicking. 

An entrepeneur and fabulous entertainer, Guest knows what's important to her: family, animals, philanthropy and new business ventures. A jack of all trades, she has her hands in the worlds of both fashion, food, and entertainment. 

In 2009, she founded Cornelia Guest Events and Cornelia Guest Cookies, catering high-end charity and entertainment events with healthy, vegan dishes. 

In her new book, Cornelia Guest's Simple Pleasures, she takes the stress out of hosting and makes it an enjoyable fete for both guests and entertainers alike. She divulged a few of her tips to successful hosting that are sure to help even the most novice of party and dinner planners. 

Stay tuned for recipes and more of Simple Pleasures!

The Daily Meal: What are some shortcuts you can make in the kitchen when Entertaining?

Cornelia Guest: Buy canned organic beans and when you decide what you are going to make -- put all your ingredients out & prepare them for the recipe.

TDM: What is the true key to "effortless entertaining?"

CG: Be happy, charming & smile a lot and if something goes wrong or gets a little crazy, don't tell tell anyone. Deal with it and get on with it!

TDM: What is the one thing that always graces every party you throw?

CG: Flowers— fresh if possible, even if it's a small pot of herbs on a table. It's pretty and a great conversation piece.

TDM: What is your favorite party/hosting tip from your mom, C.Z. Guest?

CG: Don't wait for anyone to eat, if they're late that's their problem—don't make everyone else wait!

TDM: What is your ideal summer party entail?

CG: Out by the pool . . . warm summer nights. Sparkling Rose, good food from "Simple Pleasures" and great friends! And all my critters around me!