The Corn Palace

Historic Site, Sculpture, Museum
612 N Main St
Mitchell, SD 57301
(605) 995-8430


  • Come see the worlds only Corn Palace. Scenes change yearly, so if your in the area be sure to stop by!
  • Wow. Total waste of time. Atleast admission is free.
  • Very corny
  • Buy a postcard, mail it to your mom!
  • You must, must, MUST stop in and buy a popcorn ball.. Most AMAZING popcorn ball ever! You will not regret, instead probably buy a few for the road (I usually do).
  • Don't make any "this place is so corny!" jokes with the locals. They already want to stab you with an ear of corn.
  • The corn palace would be a short visit, the building is decorated with corn murals, inside it carries the corn theme thoughout the medium size venue. It serves delicious popcorn. But that's all it is
  • The point is that this has been here for years. If you are interested in historic locations you should go when around the Mitchell area.
  • Corn Palace popcorn balls = Delish!
  • Don't miss the popcorn balls! A-Maze-ing!
  • only the outside is cool. inside is prrtty lame.
  • The building is not only dedicated to corn, but is partially built of it too! Go get a picture!
  • Not worth going inside. Theres a small flea-market style shop that sells kitschy junk. Just take photos of whatever theyre displaying on the outside and be on your way.
  • A fun stop with no admission fees. Restrooms are very clean.
  • Very missable. It is literally a gym in the middle of town with corn glued to it. Gift shop is across the street and not unique. SKIP.
  • The corn art is really well done. The gift shop inside is lame but what does anyone really expect?
  • Check out the balcony on the second floor, overlooking the street. It's a great way to get a close up look at the corn murals.
  • I don't know exactly what I was expecting, but it was not this.
  • You just have to go! It's a-maize-ing
  • Interesting but under construction

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