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Moving Target! (Greater Houston Area)
Houston, TX
(832) 470-0751

Foursquare Tips

  • The fries are in the burrito...unexpected!
  • Best Korean/Mexican food truck in Houston
  • Hot dogs and OG burrito were amazing! No more eating rest of the week :)
  • The OG is so good that I have to limit my intake so as to not become shaped like my favorite Houston-burrito.
  • One of the best imitations of Chilantro's kimchi fry burrito.
  • Check out Coreanos as it was featured on Food Paradise for Mexican and Korean burrito.
  • The Dawson is a clear winner if you can't make up your mind.
  • Three Wise Fries is a MUST!!!!
  • The el scorcho is el serious! Spicy!
  • OG Veggie Taco FTW. Have it with STICK IT's Chimmichurri sauce and mayo!
  • Might be good. I haven't got my food yet
  • Three Wise Fries ... ftw :)