Coolest Wine Label Ever: TATT Wine

Second Tried and True Tablewine label turns to tattoo artists

TATT wine's label comes from tattoo artists.

Generally speaking, we recommend choosing your wine based on what’s inside the bottle. But sometimes a label catches your eye, and you just have to have that wine. In the case of Tried and True Tablewine, or TATT for short, you get the best of both worlds — a delicious and affordable blend of syrah and cabernet from the Columbia Valley in Washington and a new cool tattoo on the label each year.

Vintner Steve Brooks was looking for a way to brand his second wine when he noticed something interesting happening in his tasting room:

"When I opened up Trust in 2007, I had temporary tattoos printed with my Trust logo. People put them on all over their bodies and had a lot of fun with them. (Alcohol and temporary tattoos... who would have guessed?) So I used that as a starting place for TATT."

With each new vintage, Brooks and his team look for a tattoo from a new artist to feature on the label. TATT can be purchased directly from the winery for $20 per bottle. Find it here.

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