Coolest McDonald's in a Plane and More News

In today's Media Mix, Noodles & Co.'s rise, plus Beyoncé gets some champagne and fries

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Noodles & Co. Growth: Apparently, tiny little unsuspecting noodle chain Noodles & Co. went public recently, only to make the type of numbers that Facebook was expecting. [Daily Beast]

World's Best McDonald's: Mickey D's might be all fancy with baguette burgers in France, but in New Zealand there's a McDonald's in a plane. Sweet. [Jaunted]

Beyoncé's In-N-Out Order: The pop singer grabbed some of our favorite burgers while on tour for the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, Instagramming a burger, fries, and what might be champagne (probably not from In-N-Out, we imagine). [Us]


Worst Grilling Videos: Just to scare you on one of the biggest grilling days in America, here's a roundup of terrifying, disastrous grilling mistakes. [Eater]