Cooking for One (Two if You're Lucky)

Staff Writer
Writer Carolynn Carreño shares recipes fit for one (or two).

Italian Sausage and White Beans

I am single and even when I'm not, I work at home, so I cook for a party of me almost every day. I am here to tell you that doing that doesn’t have to be a lonely and sad endeavor. Cooking for yours truly can, in fact, be relaxing, entertaining, even self-loving. Making a meal for your best friend, you, has a particular set of requirements. It needs to be quick. (That is unless it’s something like a Sunday soup or sauce that can be tended to between sections of the New York Times and frozen until the apocalypse, and we’ll have those here, too.) It needs to be easy. (Show me someone who really and truly wants to stuff, wrap, and grill a quail for one and I will show you someone with a dubious relationship to the truth.) And it needs to lend itself to either being made in small portions, or, to becoming that most coveted possession of the lone ranger — leftovers. 

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