Cooking with Fire—Introducing ICE’s Culinary Technology Lab

From by Institute of Culinary Education
Cooking with Fire—Introducing ICE’s Culinary Technology Lab


By James Briscione—Director of Culinary Development


A lot has been happening at ICE since the school took up full-time residence at Brookfield Place in May. For me, the most exciting element has been the creation of our new Culinary Technology Lab. Before your mind runs wild with cartoonish images of mad scientists in chef hats or smoking beakers full of neon liquids, let me explain.

Wood Stone Vertical Rotisserie Culinary TechnologyThe whole idea of technology is a funny thing. These days, we tend to assume that technology always refers to something with a screen or a certain fruit-based logo. But if you type the word “technology” into the search box on your smartphone, you’ll learn that it refers to the application of science or scientific knowledge to practical tasks. Every step in the evolution of cooking—from man’s discovery of fire to sous vide—is part of the history of culinary technology. Thus, in ICE’s Culinary Technology Lab, we’re bridging the gap between ancient and modern techniques.


Read on to learn more about the impressive firepower in ICE's Culinary Technology Lab.