Cookie Thief Stuck in Jail Over $5 Bond

A man jailed for stealing cookies can’t post his $5 bond
Wikimedia/ Jeremy Keith

An Albuquerque man has been sitting in jail for weeks because he can't come up with the $5 bond owed for allegedly shoplifting cookies.

Stealing cookies isn’t the type of thing that normally lands as person in jail, but one Albuquerque, N.M., man has been sitting in jail for weeks because he can’t pay the $5 bond levied against him for allegedly shoplifting cookies.

According to ABC News, Lucky Crowder was arrested for shoplifting cookies several weeks ago. A few days after his arrest, however, he was arrested again for biting a nurse and the resulting felony charges landed him in jail on an expensive bond he could not pay. With that over his head, he was brought before a judge on the cookie-stealing charge. That judge assigned him a tiny, $5 bond, figuring it would not make much difference because Crowder was already sitting in jail because he couldn’t pay the larger bond. 

But then the felony biting case was dismissed, and Crowder found himself sitting in jail owing only a $5 bond for stealing cookies. Normally that would have a person back on the streets right away, but Crowder has reportedly been unable to pay the $5. He called a bail bondsman, but bondsmen aren’t allowed to post cash bail at the jail, so the bewildered bondsman couldn’t help.

"With everybody in his world and everybody in his life, he couldn't raise $5," bondsman Gerald Madrid said.


Crowder’s $5 bond is actually costing the city a lot more money than he owes. Keeping him in jail costs approximately $80 per day, and he’s expected to cost the city more than $3,000 unless someone comes in and pays $5 on his behalf.