The World According to Food Mood Girl

Lindsey Smith aims to help others understand their relationship with food, cultivate self-worth, and have fun in the kitchen

Lindsey Smith — aka the Food Mood Girl — is a blogger, health coach, public speaker, and author who is devoted to self-love, guilt-free living, and a holistic approach to health. The 29-year-old Pittsburgh resident began her wellness journey after suffering from anxiety from a young age and reaching out to coaches and mentors in an effort to reduce toxic thinking from her life. Now she is the author of her blog Food Mood Girl as well as three books which all illustrate her well-balanced, holistic approach to health and happiness.

Smith — who is part of The Daily Meal’s Culinary Content Network, an invite-only group of bloggers and social influencers shaping the food and lifestyle landscape — says she started her blog “a little backwards” meaning she already had a successful business, and had published her first book, before the momentum of her blog began to pick up. Readers have since responded to the variety of delicious recipes, tips for self-love, and holistic DIY projects — all things to help make you feel great inside and out — that can be found on Food Mood girl.

Lindsey is a fan of kale smoothies and dark chocolate and loves to spend time with her adopted pup, Winnie Cooper. Her desert island ingredients are avocado, hummus, dark chocolate, and pizza, and her go-to 30-minute meal is rice or quinoa, baked vegetables, and some chickpeas — a great meal idea for when you just can’t eat another salad!

Learn more about Lindsey’s favorite blog post, how she feels about being "medium size” in the healthy eating industry, and how she hates all condiments in the video below!