This Vegan Meal Won’t Leave You Hungry for Meat

This southern-inspired vegan cassoulet will squelch any hunger pangs
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This vegan cassoulet makes a healthy, filling, and delicious meal.


This vegan cassoulet makes a healthy, filling, and delicious meal.

No meat? No cheese? No dairy whatsoever? Then what do vegans eat? The answer: plenty. Vegan food can be just as a hearty, filling, and satisfying as any meal that includes meat. It’s not all green salads and baby carrots; including the proper amount of plant-based protein is essential for a healthy, balanced diet.

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Whether you’ve been living an animal products-free life for years, want to try something new, or are looking to cut back on meat for health reasons, we have the ultimate meal to introduce you to good vegan eating.

Cassoulet might not sound like an obvious choice for a vegan meal, but this delicious traditional French country dish can be made to fit plant-based diets .

For the Vegan Cassoulet recipe you will need textured vegetable protein, this generally refers to a textured soy protein, such as textured tofu. The dish comes together with the addition of fresh, flavorful sautéed vegetables, including peas, carrots, celery, onions, and tomatoes. Then the whole dish is simmered with vegetable stock, white wine, and herbs to meld the flavors together. Once the vegetables are cooked and the liquid reduced, vegan, toasted cornbread crumbles are sprinkled on top and baked to form a crunchy topping.

You will not walk away hungry from this Southern-vegan twist on this classic French country dish.

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