Turkey Recipes From America’s Top Chefs

Celebrate Thanksgiving with one of these 12 turkey recipes from American chefs
Chef's Thanksgiving Tips

Chefs such as Johnny Iuzzini and Michael Anthony give their turkey day advice

Turkey Recipes From America’s Top Chefs


This roasted turkey will impress guests.

When it comes to cooking the Thanksgiving turkey the pressure is on, so this Thanksgiving take some expert advice from a few people who know a thing or two about making it work in the kitchen — America’s Top Chefs.

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From their collective experience cooking at award winning restaurants, writing cookbooks, and starring on food-centric television shows, these chefs are prepared to share their favorite holiday secrets for making delicious, moist turkey with that perfect, golden, crisped skin.

Whether you are a small party in need of a scaled down Turkey Day dinner or a last-minute cook who needs to feed a large party on the fly, these chefs are here to help. For smaller groups, consider skipping all the wasted food and hassle of a whole turkey and opt for turkey roulade or roasted turkey breast.

If you want to test out something a little outside-the-box try applying a classic French confit recipe for your holiday turkey legs. Breaking down the turkey before you start cooking will speed up the cooking times, and ensure that the legs are cooked and white meat stays juicy.

Check out these 12 incredibly delicious turkey recipes from a few of America’s top chefs for a truly remarkable holiday feast.


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