These 10 Strategies Are Guaranteed To Save You Money Grocery Shopping

For some, grocery shopping is a joy; there is something wonderfully therapeutic about wandering the aisles, dreaming about the many ways to feed oneself. Other times, however, grocery shopping can be a source of great stress and anxiety, often related to the cost of food — especially if you have a family to feed.

Food can be expensive, and we as consumers are easily lured by attractive packaging and clever marketing strategies. True, the prices of dairy, meat, and poultry have declined slightly in the past few months, but the USDA still predicts that supermarket prices are expected to rise between 1 and 2 percent in 2017.

Lucky for us, there are ways to save and tricks to help us hurdle the money-grabbing obstacles that stand between our bank accounts and the checkout aisle.

Some of these strategies may surprise you (because grocery stores are sneaky), some of them simply expand on common-sense practices, and some of them you can do before you even leave the house.