Sally's Apizza Thanks New Haven!  Two Upcoming Events, December 10 and 17

Sally's Apizza

NEW HAVEN, Conn., Dec. 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- "Sally's Apizza has been bringing passion into peoples' lives for 80 years," says Moseley Group managing partner Christine Moseley Milloff.

At the entrance to New Haven's own Little Italy on Wooster Street since 1938, Sally's founders Sal and Flo Consiglio, and later their sons Robert and Richard, were warmly embraced by the Elm City community.

"We've had the privilege of talking to people who have been coming to Sally's regularly for over 30 years. When you hear firsthand what genuinely caring people Sal and Flo were and how beloved they were in this community, you begin to understand the deep connection between Sally's and New Haven."

As Sally's prepares to add more locations in the region, New Haven is and always will be "home."  In recognition of our 80-year anniversary in New Haven and in appreciation to everyone in the area who loves and supports Sally's, we are coordinating a series of "Thank You New Haven" events during the holiday season. On these nights, the restaurant opens from 5pm to 9pm and every two dine-in guests will receive a free pizza, any size, any topping plus two beverages.

"With each successive event in this series, we wanted to recognize increasingly larger contributors to Sally's success and to the community as a whole," said Milloff.    "Our first event recognized our friends at Yale University—those who attend or work at the college.  From the many late night grad student patrons to the university itself ordering hundreds of pizzas for alumni football games, Yale has been a key supporter of Sally's over the years.  Our second event was open to all the major New Haven County colleges, and we were pleased to host the many students attending these great schools.

Our third "Thank you New Haven" will be on Monday December 10 and we welcome all public servants of New Haven, including civic workers, teachers, firemen, policemen and active military, as well as retired veterans. Our last event is scheduled for December 17 and is open to anyone who is a resident of New Haven."

"We look forward to seeing everybody at Sally's December 10 and 17!"

About Sally's Apizza
Founded in 1938, Sally's Apizza is celebrating 80 years of serving its New Haven community—and beyond—the perfect pie with its singular rich tomato flavor, perfectly charred crust, and cheese, satisfyingly blistered in the coal-fired oven's 800 degrees.

237 Wooster Street, New Haven CT             

About Moseley Group
Founded in 1989, Mosely Group's global practice is the leading food and beverage consulting firm helping restaurants innovate and grow.

31 Hayward Street, Franklin, MA

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