This Plant Grows Eggplants and Potatoes at the Same Time, and It’s Non-GMO

A new hybrid plant from a seed manufacturing company is capable of growing eggplants and potatoes at the same time

The hybrid is nicknamed the “Egg and Chips” plant.

A hybrid plant nicknamed “Egg and Chips” is capable of growing both eggplants and potatoes at the same time, yielding up to four eggplants and two kilograms of white potatoes during a harvest.

The plant is ideal for a kitchen garden or vegetable patch, and though it relies on a grafting procedure, has not been genetically modified. The plants “are great fun for kids and really capture the imagination, but the result is more than just a novelty, promises Thompson and Morgan, the U.K.-based seed manufacturer behind the dual-cropping plant.

Egg and Chips can be grown indoors or outdoors, and will reach a height of approximately 20 inches. Flowering will take place between July and August. Thompson and Morgan recommends you plant Egg and Chips in a greenhouse or sunny sheltered position, in a large-enough container to allow both plants to develop. For best results using a pot, choose a container that will hold at least 40 liters of compost.


Thompson and Morgan has previously created another hybrid called the Tomtato, a plant that grows tomatoes and potatoes.