Pierogies alla Vodka Recipe

Pierogies alla Vodka Recipe

Whenever I’m out eating at an Italian restaurant and am craving pasta, I tend to steer towards the penne alla vodka. Regardless of how many good choices there are on the menu I know later on I’ll regret not sinking my teeth into the rich, creamy dish. It’s always my first choice. I love the combination of a flavorful red tomato sauce with a comforting rich cream. Top the dish with parmesan and basil and I am in heaven!

If I’m entertaining or having friends over, I like to keep the menu easy so that I can spend time actually entertaining and not just in the kitchen. I put my own spin on the traditional penne alla vodka recipe and stepped it up a notch with Mrs. T’s pierogies! The soft, pillowy potato morsels are excellently paired with the creamy, rich vodka sauce. Now that I have a garden, I can also step right outside and pluck off a few fresh sprigs of basil which really helps elevate the dish.

The pierogies are cooked in a matter of minutes and the sauce is also fairly simple with only a few ingredients. Plus, if you’re really in a pinch, you can make the sauce ahead and just heat it up!

Head on down below for the full recipe and your friends will be thanking you later :D.

xo Jus

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