Pasta Linked to a Lower Risk of Death in Latest Study


We can all agree that “a lower risk of death” is something we are all after. What might be harder to sort out, is how exactly to go about achieving it. According to new research, the answer might be linked to getting sources of protein from plant-based foods, rather than from meat-based. Luckily, pasta and bread are considered to be in the former category.

According to this Newsweek article, a recent study published in the journal, JAMA Internal Medicine, took data collected from over 416,000 men and women who answered questions about their demographic, lifestyle and diet at the start of the study in 1995. They were then followed up with 16 years later in 2011 to assess the results. The study found that on average, participants got 15% of their daily energy intake from protein. 40% of that was noted that it came from plants, while the remaining 60% came from animal protein.

According to the article, “eating plant protein was linked with a lower chance of dying overall and from cardiovascular disease.” The link was even stronger when proteins from foods like bread, pasta, and cereal were selected over that from meat or eggs.

The study went on to find that if just 3% of one’s energy intake is replaced from animal to plant protein, consumers could enjoy a 10% lower risk of dying overall and an 11-12% lower risk of dying from a cardiovascular issue in men and women, respectively.

Because the study also accounted for different lifestyle choices like smoking, fruit consumption, and vitamin supplement use, the results suggested that making simple changes to one’s lifestyle could be the key to boosting overall health and longevity in a major way.

Other studies have found that high protein diets can assist with weight loss, likely due to the fact that protein-rich foods help people feel fuller longer, making it less urgent to eat more often throughout the day. Additionally, substituting certain carbohydrates for proteins have been linked to better cardiovascular health, like reduced blood pressure and lower levels of fat and sugar in the blood.

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