Michelin Star Chef Dominique Le Stanc Launches Online Marketplace for Gourmet French and Italian Ingredients

La Merenda by Dominique Le Stanc
La Merenda by Dominique Le Stanc Delivers the Highest Quality French and Italian Ingredients Straight to Your Door

La Merenda by Dominique Le Stanc Delivers the Highest Quality French and Italian Ingredients Straight to Your Door

NEW YORK, Oct. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Michelin-starred chef Dominique Le Stanc announces the launch of his online marketplace for gourmet French and Italian ingredients, La Merenda by Dominique Le Stanc. The launch of the premier online marketplace, La Merenda by Dominique Le Stanc, adds another notch to his resume by offering the US market a selection of his hand-chosen ingredients, with a focus on French and Italian condiments for chefs and home cooks seeking the ultimate Mediterranean ingredients. The site boasts a selection of carefully curated ingredients by the chef to ensure the highest quality of products available on the market.

The Michelin-starred chef has had an illustrious cooking career. For the past 23 years, chef Dominique Le Stanc has run La Merenda, an authentic French and Italian dining destination located in the Southern French town of Nice. The restaurant, located only steps away from the local farmers market, provided an array of ingredients allowing La Merenda's menu to truly capture the Niçoise cuisine in a historic location that remained untouched for over 50 years the chef worked there. Here, chef Dominique Le Stanc steered away from critically acclaimed stars, and focused on offering his guests a local dining experience rooted in the traditional ingredients of the French and Italian culture.

"I am very excited about the launch of La Merenda by Dominique Le Stanc. I firmly believe that fine cooking is uplifted most when robust, flavorful culinary simplicity can shine through in dishes without being weighed down by concept or gusto," said Dominique Le Stanc. "La Merenda Marketplace is my way of bringing the best authentic French and Italian ingredients to chefs and foodies worldwide."

Some of the top products on the site include:

  • Extra Virgin Taggiasca Olive Oil. Like fine wine, it's the terroir of the Taggia region that makes these olives and their oil so flavorful and unique. Subtle flavors of almond, fresh flower and ripe fruit make this world-famous olive oil unreplicatable. A true taste of Italy in every bite.
  • Modena Balsamic Vinegar IGP. The most famous balsamic vinegar in the world is produced in the Northern Italian city of Modena. This vinegar carries the notable bittersweet astringent taste and deep brown color of the best balsamic in the world.
  • Fleur de Sel. This all-natural sea salt is mined from the Italian island of Sicily. The salt has a foam-like texture when harvested, making it very light, soft and almost cloud-like.
  • Tagliolini Pasta. No Italian marketplace would be complete without pasta. The highest quality durum wheat bran combined with perfect proportions of egg, unleashing a range of exquisite yet earthy flavors. The pasta is dried slowly at low temperatures and hand-laid on fine cutting forms. The result is the perfect noodle for an array of sauces.

The La Merenda by Dominique Le Stanc Marketplace brings the European farmer's market to anyone with an internet connection.

About La Merenda by Dominique Le Stanc
La Merenda by Dominique Le Stanc is an online marketplace for fine French and Italian condiments, carefully selected by chef Dominique Le Stanc. La Merenda by Dominique Le Stanc sells its products exclusively online and in the United States, to provide chefs and cooking enthusiasts with France and Italy's finest products including oils, vinegars, sauces, spices, olives and various condiments. For more information, please visit www.lamerenda.com.

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