Meet the Baogel, NYC’s Latest Food Hybrid

Forget Cronuts and Brookies and get yourself a Baogel instead
Meet the Baogel, NYC’s Latest Food Hybrid
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For all you Cronut fans, there’s a new hybrid food worth getting excited about in New York City. It’s called the Baogel, and it looks completely, amazingly delicious. The Baogel comes to our stomachs courtesy of Black Seed Bagels and Nom Wah Kuai who have teamed up to make this tasty creation that is a combination of a bagel and a cha siu bao. 

According to the item description released by the restaurants, "The Baogel will be filled with Nom Wah’s signature sweet pork belly, wrapped in Black Seed’s sesame bagel dough, and served with a side of house-made chili cream cheese."

The Baogel costs $8.50 and will be available at all Black Seed Bagel locations as well as Nom Wah Kuai at Canal Street Market throughout November, so get one while you can!

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