Make Mornings Easy With These 13 Springtime Skillet Breakfasts


Make Mornings Easy With These 13 Springtime Skillet Breakfasts

Skip the pile of dishes by making a complete breakfast in just one

While there is nothing quite as good as a home-cooked breakfast, the dishes piling up at the end of the meal is an unwelcomed sight for the unlucky dishwasher first thing in the morning. Luckily, you can have your eggs and sausage too with these one-pan breakfast skillets that promise lots of fresh spring flavors and breakfast classics in as few dishes as possible.

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Take a trip to your favorite local farmers market to pick up spring produce, like sweet spring peas, leeks, garlic, new potatoes, tender greens, and spicy herbs for your spring breakfast skillets. Then, decide whether you prefer sunny-side up, baked, or scrambled eggs with your vegetable and sausage.

Follow our recipes for one-pan breakfast classics like chilaquiles, frittata, or Dutch baby-style pancakes, or improvise your own breakfast skillet. Fresh, good quality ingredients and a trusted skillet are all you need to create your perfect one-pan breakfast.

Start with a well-seasoned cast iron skillet. Not sure how to season your brand new skillet? Check out our guide to learn how to do it. Then, begin with your ingredient that requires the longest cooking time; start with breakfast meats first, then vegetables, and, finally, add your eggs. Season well, top with fresh herbs, and serve to a hungry crowd.

Keep reading for more springtime breakfast inspiration and 13 of our favorite springtime breakfast skillet recipes.

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