LA Sanitation named 'Sanitation Department of the Year' by Waste Dive

LA Sanitation
LA Sanitation is recognized by Waste Dive, a leading industry news publisher, for its innovative work

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LA Sanitation is recognized by Waste Dive, a leading industry news publisher, for its innovative work

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 4, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- LA Sanitation has been named Sanitation Department of the Year by Waste Dive, a leading industry news publisher, for its groundbreaking work on innovative programs including recycLA, the City's Food Waste Diversion Pilot Program, and Clean Streets LA.

"We are thrilled to receive this recognition for the innovative steps LA Sanitation is taking to make LA an even more resilient and sustainable City," said Enrique Zaldivar, LA Sanitation Director and General Manager. "LA Sanitation is spearheading transformative programs like recycLA, which are shaping the future and providing a roadmap for other cities to launch similar programs nationwide."

LA Sanitation is currently undertaking an unprecedented expansion of its recycling services beyond single family residences to include 80,000 commercial and apartment buildings through its new program, called "recycLA." This innovative program, as part of the City's commitment to enhance the quality of life in Los Angeles, will provide recycling services, generate jobs, reduce traffic congestion, and improve air quality citywide. RecycLA will eliminate the city's dependence on landfills and position Los Angeles as the first big city in the nation to achieve zero waste by 2025.

The City's Food Waste Diversion Pilot Program is an exciting new initiative that encourages participating residents to put food waste in the garbage disposal rather than the trash. Those participating in the program were offered a new powerful garbage disposal unit that can handle the food waste. In keeping with the City's overarching goals, the intent of this pilot program is to study food waste through the garbage disposal and sewer systems to identify the City's best alternative to further divert food waste and from landfills and to make Los Angeles landfill-free.

Clean Streets LA, an initiative led by LA Sanitation, is a citywide effort to clean LA neighborhoods. The program will have distributed 5,000 new trash cans throughout the city by the end of 2019, and hire and train additional Sanitation crews who respond directly to bulky item pickup requests and reports of illegal dumping. To more effectively track the cleanliness of LA's streets, LA Sanitation has also developed a state-of-the-art street-by-street cleanliness assessment system that will help target areas of high need and ensure a fair allocation of services.

The 2017 Dive Awards recognize the industry's top disruptors and innovators. These executives, companies, trends and breakthroughs are transforming the industry and shaping the future. Waste Dive solicited suggestions for title nominees from its 15,000+ readers.

"Amid its massive recycLA roll-out, LASAN has worked hard this year to keep up with evolving and ambitious state regulatory requirements - all while eyeing its own local targets. The city is prioritizing a landfill-free vision, making it a key area to watch moving into 2018," said Kristin Musulin, Editor for Waste Dive.

Winners were chosen by the editors of Waste Dive based on resonance and industry impact.

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