How to Roll Scallop Ceviche Slideshow

It’s the best seafood preparation you’ve never tried

Step 1: Slice the Avocado Thinly and Fan it Out.

Place a piece of Saran wrap on the counter, then slide the avocado slices on top and fan them out. Make sure all the pieces overlap enough so that they won't slip apart when being rolled later.

Step 2: Place the Marinated Scallops in the Center.

Place the marinated scallops in the center of the avocado, making sure to leave space on the edges so that it can be rolled more easily. Be careful to avoid overloading the scallops, or it will be much more difficult to roll later.

Step 3: Roll it to Form a Roulade.

Using the Saran wrap for help, roll the avocado carefully around the marinated scallops to form a roulade. 

Step 4: Seal the Scallops within the Avocado.

Make sure to completely surround the scallops with the avocado. Garnish the roulade with salmon roe, crushed hominy, micro violas, black sea salt, and sprigs of chervil.