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Eric Ripert's Scrambled Eggs Recipe Revealed on Twitter

Delicious eggs are only one whisk away
Ben Hider/Getty Images for City Harvest

Eggs are undeniably one of the most iconic breakfast foods in America. Whether eggs are poached, boiled or combined with tasty ingredients for the perfect omelet, a delicious, comforting meal is guaranteed every time. During the coronavirus pandemic, celebrity chefs have been offering their best home cooking advice to teach individuals how to make the comfort food they love most. And now, French chef Eric Ripert has joined the ranks to teach his Twitter followers how to make his version of scrambeled eggs, and they look nothing like your mama's breakfast. 

Unexpected Ingredients That Go Great with Eggs 

According to Ripert, whisking up the fluffy scrambled eggs you miss the most from your favorite restaurant only takes a few simple steps.

First, begin by adding salt and pepper for each egg in your dish. Ripert whipped up three eggs. Whisk the eggs with one teaspoon of water to make the eggs fluffy. Then, melt butter in a small pot on medium heat and, as you pour the eggs, continue whisking vigorously and continue whisking as you cook. After the eggs are fully cooked but the texture of custard, remove it from the pan and serve with a side of toast. Five simple steps will leave you with restaurant-worthy scrambled eggs. 


Ripert isn't the first to share his secret to scrambeled eggs. Ree Drummond, Alton Brown and other celebrity chefs have also shared how to make perfect scrambled eggs. If cooking has become the fun new skill you've chosen to learn at home during coronavirus quarantine and eggs are one of your favorite meals, here is the best way to make scrambled eggs, period