Hidden Valley Ranch and Bill Telepan Want You to Love Your Vegetables

Hidden Valley Ranch: Love Your Veggies

Most adults and kids aren’t getting the vegetable servings they need every day, but there are ways to improve that #loveyourveggies

Hidden Valley Ranch and Bill Telepan Team Up to Help People Love Vegetables
Joanna Fantozzi

This chicken dish, created by Bill Telepan contains multiple servings of roasted, healthy vegetables, including a bed of kale salad underneath the chicken breast.

The average American eats a total of three servings of fruits and vegetables per day, even though we’re supposed to get six to eight. Hidden Valley Ranch asked Bill Telepan to help reverse the statistic with the launch of #loveyourveggies campaign, which promotes new and innovative ways to get kids and adults to actually eat (and enjoy!) vegetables on a daily basis. The kickoff event helped us get excited about vegetables with help from chef Bill Telepan of Telepan restaurant in Tribeca. Plus, to get everyone amped up about the social media component, for every social media post shared with the hashtag #loveyourveggies, Hidden Valley will donate $1 to the YMCA.

At the event, we heard tips from panelists Bill Telepan, dad and lifestyle blogger Jim Higley, and registered dietician Dana White. Chef Telepan reminded us that many people are actually extra sensitive to the bitter taste of certain vegetables, so to offset the taste with delicious sauces and dips, like Hidden Valley Ranch. He also made a dish called Salad on a Stick, which incorporated ranch seasoning, and roasted vegetables on skewers, with no hint of bitterness.

“It’s helpful — and a relief — for parents to know that there is a reason why their kids might not eat broccoli and other bitter foods,” said chef Telepan at the event. “With a little time, patience, and ranch dressing, you can help your kids get the nutrients they need to grow and develop into veggie lovers.”

Dana White reminded us that we can use vegetables as unhealthy snack swaps; stuffed dates make for sweet alternatives to candy, and vegetables can make a great addition to homemade smoothies.  Blogger Jim Higley taught parents with young kids that vegetables can actually be fun, and showed us how to incorporate games and crafts into healthy eating, like creating a turkey sculpture made from various types of vegetables.

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