Get Extra Health Benefits By Adding Beef to Your Pasta Meal

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Get Extra Health Benefits By Adding Beef to Your Pasta Meal

Pasta is the perfect blank canvas for adding in other healthy foods. If you’re looking for a hearty addition to your pasta meal, beef is a great solution! For our February Pasta Spotlight, we chatted with the New York Beef Council to learn all about how and why beef is the perfect pasta partner:

  • Beef has great health benefits – Beef is a delicious protein which provides 10 essential nutrients at only 170 calories per a 3-oz serving.  Important nutrients such as protein, iron, zinc and multiple B vitamins are vital for kids to grow and learn. They provide the strength for families to enjoy an active lifestyle. Did you know that majority of beef cuts in the stores are lean? It is easier than ever to enjoy lean beef at the dinner table.
  • Beef is super easy to add in your pasta meal – Beef and pasta make a great pair to suit any taste preference or eating occasion. Beef can be enjoyed as sliced Top Sirloin steak or 93% lean ground beef with penne, corkscrew pasta or orzo, topped with tangy tomato or smooth pesto sauces. Regardless of the beef cut, all beef provides the families the same ten nutrients, including protein, iron and zinc. Choose lean cuts such as Sirloin, Top Round or 93% ground beef.  The best part – it is easy to include variety of vegetables for the extra nutrition, such as this Top Sirloin Filets with Spinach-lemon Pesto Pasta.
  • Beef provides half of your Daily Value for protein – A serving size of beef is 3.5 oz., the size of your palm. According to My Plate, half of the plate should be fruit and veggies; protein and grains should be a quarter of the plate each.
  • Beef is a good solution for getting kids to eat more protein – For the rare picky protein eaters, try a variety of protein foods and mix it up with unexpected flavors and serving styles.  Protein foods include beef, fish, nuts, dairy and beans.  Get them involved in the serving.  Try this On-The-Go Taco recipe with a DIY taco bar. Don’t forget string cheeses or beef jerky are great protein snacks too, especially after sport practices.
  • Try out eating beef in pasta – This Beef Sirloin Pasta Portobello is one of our favorites. It is quick, flavorful and nutritious. Each serving is only 520 Kcal but has 44 grams of protein and is an excellent source of iron and zinc.  For more recipes, please visit

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About the New York Beef Council:

The New York Beef Council (NYBC) is a non-profit organization working for the cattle producers of New York, on beef promotion and education.

The Mission: To enhance the lives of consumers by connecting them with BEEF.

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